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4 Ways…

So I was looking through Yahoo, and I found an article titled, 4 Ways French Women Stay Thin (Without the Gym).  So I thought hey, cool, secrets from the French.  And then…I read it.  Here are the four ways:

1.) Don’t save your steps, multiply them! Instead of driving your car around in circles to find a close spot, purposefully park far away and walk the couple extra feet

2.) Incorporate simple resistance movements into your daily routine. Use your own body weight as resistance wherever possible. Isometric exercises, discreet but effective, are very French.

3.) Take care of your core. I’m a firm believer that we need to attend to our abdominals as we age. These are the muscles that hold all our vital organs in place; they support good posture and a healthy spine,

4.) Acquaint yourself with small to moderate free weights (3-5 lbs.), especially if you’re over 40. A bit of extremely simple resistance training is an antidote to hours spent on gym machines.

Not bad tips, but isn’t this how all women stay fit without going to the gym?  I was expecting some mystical knowledge gleaned from the peaks of the Ardennes or at least a story about a hot French fitness routine.  Shouldn’t a woman selling a column about the French have to  mention something unique about the French?  The article has an unbelievable 1034 comments, so apparently not.

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  1. MWS
    October 1, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    “Shouldn’t a woman selling a column about the French have to mention something unique about the French?”

    Well, I’ve always heard French women are fast…… 😉

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